Ride Along: Abraham (Pt 2)

Second, Abraham abandoned all reliance on his own efforts and put in his full confidence in God. This wasn’t the case all the time. Sarah gave her servant Hagar to Abraham, so they might have a child through her.  Hagar became pregnant through Abraham and bore him a son and the boy’s name was Ishmael.  The descendants of Ishmael are the modern day Arabs and this is what God said of Ishmael in Genesis 16:12

“He shall be a wild donkey of a man,
  his hand against everyone
  and everyone’s hand against him,
   and he shall dwell over against all his

Unhealthy things come out of our partial faith in God.    Abraham wasn’t trusting God to fulfill the promise of a son in God’s time, so he took matters into his own hands. Abraham didn’t abandon all reliance on his own ways and he didn’t put his full confidence in God. Abraham stepped off the foundation of God and started walking in his own strength. 

Even though Abraham had a weak moment in his faith and himself as a foundation instead of God – God never left him.  God was right beside him, walking with him.  God couldn’t shield him from all the consequences of his sin, but God wanted relationship with Abraham more than ever in his moment of selfishness.  Right after Abraham goes his own way, God pulls him back into deeper relationship and calls him a friend. 

Even when we fall because we put our faith in ourselves instead of God, He is right there beside us, picking us back up, and going deeper in relationship with us. 

If we are eliminating ourselves as the foundation of our lives, then who is our foundation?  Who is the theme of our lives? Looking at the end of our definition of faith, we have the answer. We exchange ourselves for God as the theme and foundation of our life through faith.  HIM who is God, His Word who is Jesus and His promise who is the Holy Spirit.

Our faith allows God to become our foundation, our life’s theme and rock. God is love and, in His perfect love, free will must exist.  If God wasn’t love, then He would force Himself to be our foundation, but since He is love, our faith in Him releases to become our foundation.  We have an active faith and God is our foundation by our faith in Him.

So how is your faith right now? Who is the foundation of your life? What is the theme of your life?  Maybe you are struggling with consistently trusting God with everything. Maybe you’re struggling with abandoning all reliance on your own efforts.  Maybe you’re struggling with putting your full confidence in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  God is your foundation by your faith.